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Our Services
We can build you a new computer
We can accurately fault diagnose and repair your computer
We can upgrade your existing computer - SAVING YOU MONEY!
We can remove those nasty viruses and spyware lurking around on your computer
We can recommend and provide security solutions (i.e. virus, spyware removal tools and firewalls)
We can visit you at your home or office - FREE from call out charges
We can offer you remote servicing options (when applicable) - where we will rectify your problem remotely - SAVING YOU MONEY!
We can offer you offsite servicing – where we pickup your computer and work on it in our office which enables us to work on your computer without the onsite hourly rate charges. You will be quoted upfront and pickup/ delivery of your computer is FREE *

We can install new hardware and software (i.e. printers, hard drives, memory and more)

We can service your computer to speed things up

We can network your computers together enabling you to be on the internet at the same time from the one account or the ability to share printer access, documents and more

We can recover your data
We can backup your data

We can offer discount labour packages to regular clients – SAVING YOU MORE MONEY!

  * We also offer senior discounts *