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Case Studies

We received a call out about a computer that was (in the customers words) completely dead, after our testing procedure was completed it was determined that the power supply was the issue. We replaced the power supply, computer was back up and running as it was before, job was completed within 30 minutes. The customer was very happy, not only did they not lose any data, they didn’t have to leave their house, they were up and running within 30 minutes of the technician's arrival and total cost was way under $150. A win-win solution, this is what we strive for each and every time.

We had a call out recently where a customer was after some advice on his web data uploading fees from a company he is dealing with. He was paying around $400 per month for regular updates he was requesting for his website. After initial evaluation it was soon realised the updates were quite easy to implement and with some basic training and by providing the customer with a personalised ‘how-to’ manual he would be able to do the bulk of the website updates himself. This has resulted in the customer saving around $300+ per month in update fees.

A customer phoned up with speed issues and she was advised elsewhere that she would require a new computer. Thankfully she thought that was a bit odd as she had only had the computer for around 18 months, hence her phone call to us for a second opinion. We popped around and assessed the computer, it was determined that all she needed was some more RAM (known as memory) some new security software (as the old one had expired) and a basic clean up which also included the removal of viruses and spyware. She was back up and running as good as new in no time all for around $200.