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Hints & Tips

TIP 1: Is your computer really dead?  Do you have no power when you attempt to turn your computer on?
Have you checked the mains power, made sure the cables are firmly plugged in at the back of the computer and in the power board. Have you reset the power board, usually there is a little reset button on the power board otherwise turn it off from the main plug of the power board and then turn it back on and attempt to power up the computer again. If this doesn’t work then it is definitely time to contact us.

TIP 2: Are you backing up? If you are like most people the answer is I haven’t had time to do that yet. A word of warning, in some instances a computer’s hard drive (where all your personal data is stored) will not give you any warning when it is about to breakdown. And when it is a mechanical problem and the data is critical data you cannot afford to lose it can be very costly at times to recover. So the best advice I can give you is do not wait until it is too late. Backing up should be done a regular basis, the regularity will depend on how critical the data is. If you cannot do this yourself, this is something we can do for you. Click here to get in contact.

TIP 3: Is your security software up to date or do you have any at all? In this day and age, security software is a must have, regardless of what you do online. I have lost count on how many occasions I have been at customer’s home or office and noticed there security software is either out of date or hasn’t been regularly updated. Always make sure your security software is updated and has a valid subscription. If you are not sure on how to deal with this please feel free to contact us for a solution. We can recommend something that will look after the updating by itself which is licensed to be used on 3 computers that will also notify you automatically when it is about to expire.

TIP 4: Is your windows, other software and drivers up to date? To maintain stability and smooth operation it is vital to keep software and drivers up to date. Most software these days can be setup to automatically do this for you. If it is something you feel you need assistance with feel free to contact us. Otherwise we will automatically check these things out for you during service schedules.

TIP 5: Do you regularly get your computer serviced? It is strongly recommended that you get your computer serviced regularly to reduce wear and tear. – just like with the car. Depending on the amount of use it gets, it is recommended to get it serviced atleast once every year and for heavy users then once every six months.