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What Makes Us Different ?

You go to turn on your computer one morning and it doesn’t turn on, it is completely dead or so you thought. You take it to your local computer shop or one of those ‘so called’ experts or gurus. And when they actually get around to looking at it they tell you it is not worth fixing and that you need a new computer.
Maybe you are taking your computer in to get some assistance with some software issues you are having. And you are simply told the only way to fix your problem is to do a complete reinstall of all your software and that you will lose all your data.
Don’t get me wrong, there are times you will need to let that old computer go and buy a new one. And there are occasions when you will need a complete reinstall. But at Computer Specialist Investigators we believe in only recommending such actions when it is totally necessary and providing reasonable and workable options for other times when it is not. And we do find a lot more often than not there is an alternative to technicians ‘in the know’.
At Computer Specialist Investigators you will always get good old fashioned honest advice from ethical and qualified technicians who pride themselves on doing it the right way all of the time and at prices that make sense all of the time.

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