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Our Labour Packages

We have three basic pre-paid packages available for the customer who can see themselves using our services more than a couple of times a year. They come in a light, medium and heavy user plan which can save up to 30% on your IT labour bills. The light plan gives a user 12 hours of onsite labour, the medium plan gives a user 24 hours of onsite labour and the heavy plan gives a user 36 hours of onsite labour - these plans will save you between 10%-30% off the standard onsite fees (see table below).


1 to 5 PC's
Light Plan
Medium Plan
Heavy Plan
Blocks of Hours
Entitles you to 12 Hours of onsite servicing
Entitles you to 24 Hours of onsite servicing
Entitles you to 36 Hours of onsite servicing
Discount off standard onsite rates
Hourly rate with plan
$72ex GST per hour
$64ex GST per hour
$56ex GST per hour
Hourly without plan
$88inc GST per hour
$88inc GST per hour
$88inc GST oer hour
$950inc GST
$1,689inc GST
$2,217inc GST


  The Benefits

Priority Same Day Service
This means you will get faster response time to problems

Substantial discounts on IT services
You will get up to 30% discounts off standard rates

High priority IT assistance at your service
You will feel as though you have in-house IT professional without the associated costs

Peace of mind
Knowing you have an IT professional at your beck and call for whenever you need who will look after your IT infrastructure and keep everything running smooth and sound so you can get on with what’s important to you – running your business will gain you an incredible peace of mind and save you a bunch of money in the process